The world moves fast, we move faster. We are a full-service digital marketing agency located in San Diego. For over 10 years we have fused together marketing savvy with cutting-edge digital skills to deliver highly targeted advertising campaigns that drive results & R.O.I. for our clients.


  • Marketing Done Right – We have a deep belief that digital marketing done right can have huge impacts to our advertisers and clients. Our team cares about our partners, their success and growing those relationships into long term partnerships of success.
  • Quality Traffic – We have a rich history of providing the highest quality traffic with complete transparency from hand-selected, high-quality publishers that have a track record of driving sales and actions.
  • Driving Performance – Accurize Media prides itself in first driving performance internally, growing the partnership carefully, then utilizing our enormous available publisher resources to scale campaigns as quickly as the client wants to grow.
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Native advertising is a form of advertising that integrates high-quality content into the organic experience of a given platform. Native ad units conform to the design and feel of the sites on which they display, preserving the immersive user-experience while producing click-through rates like that of editorial content.

In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, content marketing is becoming more important than ever, allowing brands to deliver value and build relationship with their audiences. Native advertising gives brands a powerful tool that enables them to scale and refine their reach and meet consumers in the digital spaces. Advertorials and sponsored content have been around for the longest time: native advertising simply adapts those proven tactics for the digital age. The native ad is a piece of sponsored content that feels like an organic part of the consumer’s experience.

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Our experienced SEM/PPC teams combine time-tested search engine best practices with new audience targeting optimizations to create unique quarterly growth plans that are right for your paid search budget. By managing search accounts infused with 1st-3rd party audience data, a focus on behavioral remarketing, and an understanding of how audience context affects the consumer journey, we constantly achieve goal-based results for a variety of brands and business verticals. When paid search is managed with other channels we service – display, social, CRO, or SEO – our teams work together to create a consistent, unified brand strategy so all KPIs and promotional details are working together to achieve broader business success and optimal ROI.

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As smartphone users increase, and our phone becomes the essential tool for connecting with people and businesses alike, Pay Per Call is the most relevant and next-level arena to make sure you are present in.

Our Pay Per Call marketing strategies make sure that your ads are seen by relevant audiences so that the leads that call are already looking for products or services just like yours. Pay Per Call uses unique trackable phone numbers to send qualified calls to you. As with any type of performance based marketing, you get the exposure regardless but only pay for the tangible leads that call in.

Phone calls are hot leads and tend to have an urgency factor. 77% of consumers say they prefer speaking to a real person before making an online purchase. Making it simple for your customers to speak with you is key to converting leads into sales.

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